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Your Passion Agency

YPA was created out of our passion for taking the stress off of female podcast hosts and allowing them to live in their craft. We believe in a creative, productive approach to podcast management and marketing. At YPA, our job is to guide you down the path of extreme success and help you achieve all of your wildest dreams.

Your Passion Agency started after founder, Sammi Beatrice stepped into the podcast industry and never stepped out.  As the podcast host of Fashion Your Passion, Sammi began to see firsthand how impactful podcasts are and how much work they are. She became so inspired by the podcast space that she wanted to dive in and offer the help that reached to get for her own podcast.

We’re fueled by our commitment to excellence, and always go the extra mile to make sure clients are thrilled with every piece of work the team creates.

Let’s work together to build your brand and give you your time back.


With love,

Sammi Beatrice

Owner and Believer